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I am Justin Gandy, owner and founder of OMNI. I have completed my Bachelor's Landscape Architecture in 2017. I am now pursuing a Master's of Architecture at the University of Idaho. I have had two consecutive internships with Thomas Shelton Jones and Associates an architecture firm based in Starkville, Mississippi.

The course of my career changed after my second study abroad campaign to Rome, Italy. Exploring the great works of Michelangelo made me realize that being a designer does not isolate you to one particular field of design. Michelangelo inspired me to be more than a Landscape Architect.


While in Rome, there were many nights I would stay up late without a television or the Internet, and because of that, it forced me to explore my creativity. It was not intended, but I started to sketch clothing using my family and friends as models. After sketching a few designs, I would send them to my friends, who thought my designs were worth pursuing.I will never forget the day I decided to become an entrepreneur.

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